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Looking for physiotherapy in Antwerp?
Physiotherapy is the therapy that deals with the treatment of muscle-and joint malfunctions and –rehabilitation after trauma’s and surgery. Whether it is learning to walk again, regain strength for you favourite sport, avoiding an injury or to be able to go back to work. Our physiotherapists at Fysiolab Antwerp are specialised to get you back on track.

Fysiolab Kinesitherapie, Revalidatie en Blessurepreventie Antwerpen


Workouts supervised by trained physiotherapist and physical coaches to reach your workout- goals after a long period of rehabilitiation. During your training at Fysiolab Antwerp you will learn how to engage in physical activities, responsibly and with minimal risk of injuries. In our pyshiotherapy practice Fysiolab in Antwerp we value a personal programme tailored to your needs and wishes.

Fysiolab Kinesitherapie, Revalidatie en Blessurepreventie Antwerpen


How flexible are you? How stable are you? What are your risks of injuries? Avoid injuries by strengthening the weaker links in your body proactively. A preventive screening by a physiotherapist at Fysiolab Antwerp will reduce the risks of injuries and improve your general physique. During this screening we perform a biomechanical analysis followed by a detailed report as well as personal guidance with the schedule that's made up for you.

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