Medical Fitness

Personal Training

Medical Fitness

After prolonged rehabilitation or repetitive injuries, you might want to pick up the thread. For many people, fitness seems to be the most obvious way to do so. Training on a responsible and medical supported way can be of great value.

Working closley with Fysiolab and Wezenbergfit, our team of physiotherapists is able to offer you personal training, taking your medical history into account to accomplish your personal goal.

Three-weekly sessions with one of our therapists and an active guidance of the fitness coaches are the ingredients for the ideal training conditions to strengthen and train your body..

After prolonged injury rehabilitation, repetitive injuries, … you want to return to sports or start to fitness on your own? Our team will assist and guide you  to make sure you start in a healthy and safe way  and help you set up a long-term training schedule

During the eight steps of the program (21 weeks)  you’ll be followed-up and guided

FysioLab and Wezenbergfit cooperate under one single roof at the Olympic swimming center Wezenberg in Antwerp

Get in contact by phone on the number 03/808.05.08 or mail to

Personal Training

Fysiolab Kinesitherapie, Revalidatie en Blessurepreventie kinesist Antwerpen


Do you need more personal guidance to reach your goals? Our cooperation with personal coach Ian du Mont makes this possible. He offers:

Personal Training: Physical condition retraining, weight loss, improve sports performance,…

Cardio Coaching: Sportmed Approved Coaching for beginners or advanced athletes

Small Group Training: Pilates, physical training, sportspecific training


FysioLab’s training compartiment, at home or on location.

Get in contact with Ian by phone 0485/63.84.64 or take a look at his website

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