manual therapy

Your body is considered to be a functional unit. Consequently, we examine it fully, to reveal the core of its physical problem. The treatment is therefore based on specific manual therapy techniques based on active teamwork between patient and therapist in order to ensure a personal approach.

Fysiolab te Wezenberg Antwerpen kinesist
Fysiolab kinesist Antwerpen

exercise therapy

We use (sportspecific) training and exercises as the foundation for long-term effectiveness in both rehabilitation and injury prevention. This way we challenge you to use all of your body’s potential to optimize its rehabilitation.

sports physiotherapy

Acute and chronical sports-related injuries need a specific approach. When you resume your training and competition activities, you, most importantly, need good preparation with the right intensity and force at the right moment. Therefore, we adjust your therapy so the exercises are similar to your usual workout or sports activities.

Fysiolab kinesist Antwerpen
Kinesist Wezenberg Antwerpen aquatherapie


Being located at the swimming center Wezenberg gives us moreover the opportunity to offer aquatherapy as well. Being weightless in water decreases the high impact on joints during weight-bearing exercises or it even becomes neglectable. Depending on your exact situation, this aquatic therapy can in addition be a valuable tool in your rehabilitation program. 

on the field

From general physical rehabilitation and injury prevention training to returning to your sports activities. By performing the final steps in a (sports)specific setting, your body certainly gets the ultimate preparation to be exposed to high-intensity sports.

Kinesist Antwerpen Fysiolab kinesitherapie
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